our story

“ This band will play the first festival in outer space ”

- Davey Ray Moor, CousteauX

"...psychedelic vibes blasted around the dancefloor with a big  sound, spacey guitar, and smooth vocals"

- off the hook music reviews

"the anthem of generation (supercool)" 

"Love that track (supercol)... so, so good"

- Adam crowther, bbc radio bristol

Born in the magic of late-night chatter, this Bristol five-piece echo reminiscences of 70’s psychedelic-rock placed within modern songwritingand dynamic sound production. With soundscapes comparable to bandssuch as Tame Impala and Pink Floyd and grooves that reflect influencesfrom Gorillaz and The XX, Delight A Thief paint every stage they play withvigour and colour. After a successful UK Tour in 2018 and main stageappearances in Bath Festival, Unearthed Festival and many others,Delight A Thief are ready to turn the kaleidoscope to a new disposition;unveiling a new pattern ready for all eyes to see